Best Wood Framing Materials – Construct Buildings Like a Pro

Not every type of wood is made equal. Some woods are best utilized in making fires, some are great for furniture, and others can support houses that can stand through generations.

Those who wish to build a home might want to keep the following materials in mind for use as framing and general construction. We’ve highlighted multiple wood types that have withstood the test of time regarding strength and durability.


Among the most common wood types, oak is considered to be one of the strongest on the market. It is quite resistant to moisture and decay, and it is not the kind of material that will break down easily under pressure.

Oak is mostly used in Eastern Canada, as it is readily available throughout North America. As long as you find a high-quality supplier, your oak-based building materials will last for several decades.

Western Red Cedar

If you are building homes and that include the utilization of exposed timber, western red cedar is a premium choice to go for. It has a high resistance to severe weather conditions, as it naturally resists decay better than most species.

However, one thing that you need to consider is that cedar is fairly light and soft. For this reason, the beam sizes need to be bigger in comparison to other wood framing materials, in order to maintain strength and structural integrity.


Like western red cedar, redwood is also primarily used on outdoor and exposed building projects. Again, this is mainly due to its ability to resist moisture and prevent rotting.

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Redwood features a straight grain, and as its name suggests, it has a red tint to it. Plus, it is very easy to work with, since it is relatively soft (but not soft enough to incur damage over time).

Pine and Spruce

Much like redwood, these types are also strong softwoods that are very popular for building construction. That being said, despite the fact that it is labeled as “softwood,” that does not mean these wood types are the slightest bit weak.  It just means that they offer good  flexibility for design, in addition to their structural durability.

Douglas Fir

Thanks to its beauty and strength, Douglas fir is also quite a popular choice for home wood frames. This material has a high degree of structural strength, and many engineers use it for its durability in framing projects, even when different wood types are utilized for other portions of a construction project.

Final Thoughts

When you are buying wood framing materials, you need to ensure that they are soft enough to be designed well, and strong enough to resist moisture and other environmental concerns. At the end of the day, make sure that you purchase timber that is right for the project you have in mind.  A specialist like our friends at LRJ Lumber can help you make the best decision for your construction project.