Properties for Rent in Gozo

Gozo is known for being one of the most affordable luxurious places to live on the planet. It’s an island that is part of  Malta, which is thriving economically right now. While property prices on the Malta mainland are skyrocketing, it’s much more affordable on the island of Gozo. Though Gozo is an affordable place to live right now, it may not be that way for long as more and more people wake up to the reality that it’s an amazing place to live and gives you a great quality of live.

One thing is clear–now is the time to start looking for properties for rent in Gozo!

Types of Properties for Rent in Gozo

There are several different types of properties that you can rent in Gozo. Each type of property brings its own benefit, and in the end it’s really a matter of preference and budget. You should definitely be considering which type of property is best for you to rent before you commit to anything. There are many wonderful properties that you can rent in Gozo, but finding the right one is obviously a priority.


You can rent a full house in Gozo, but this will be pricier than most options. If you need a full house for your family or more guests, you can also rent something out shorter term. If you are going to need a full house, it probably makes more sense just to purchase one instead of renting it.

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These kinds of properties are raising in popularity in the Malta area of the world. They are becoming popular because they provide the benefits of  a more private residence with the affordability of an apartment. However, not all maisonettes are the same. Some are actually luxury units and can cost more than full homes.

Maisonettes are unique, but they are very popular in Malta right now and there are plenty that you can easily find for rent.


Apartments are probably the most affordable option on our list. They are rented easily and there are plenty out there. The quality of the apartment that you get is going to largely depend on how much you are spending on it, but if you are looking to live for the bare minimum cost, apartments in Gozo are always a good option.

Things to do in Gozo

Though Gozo is a little bit smaller and quieter than Malta, there are still a lot of activities. Gozo has long been praised as an affordable paradise and it lives up to the name. There are countless trails that you can walk, you can take the ferry to the mainland, there is scuba diving, tourist attractions, and plenty of places to eat. You won’t ever be bored in Gozo and it’s also an appealing destination for digital nomads and those looking to live somewhere that is nice, affordable, and feels luxurious. If you are looking for a property to rent in Gozo, you’ve made an excellent choice.